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Ermac - Bad Business

Catalog: IAR084
Release date: 2021-04-06

Shrouded in mystery, the burgeoning producer and Mortal Kombat appreciator has left details about themselves scarce, instead letting the music do the talking. And with a first release as gargantuan as this, it's clear to see why.

A slice of warped, slinking neurofunk, ''Bad Business'' is testament to the emergent talent's drum and bass credentials, opening with low-passed groans and popping percussion before erupting into blistering climaxes anchored on mottled, voweled basslines, whispery, rhythmic lyrics and stuttering drum work. The interplay of a wealth of different synths allows the rising star to flex their innovative sound design abilities, making for a suitably epic and undeniably memorable entrance onto the D&B scene.

one love from IA'fam!!

1. Ermac - Bad Business

''Bad Business'' hits Beatport and Spotify NOW!!, reaching the full range of stores and streaming services a fortnight later on 18 June 2021.

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