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Bubanshi - Ken Shiro

Catalog: IAR083
Release date: 2021-14-05

En route this May vwith German DJ/producer Bubanshi in the form of his new single ''Ken Shiro''.

Making a name for himself with the Dreamer's Philosophy EP on Ozran Sunset – which recalled influences from trip-hop and downtempo music – earlier this year, the multifaceted talent has proven to be equally adept in crafting blissful chillstep and searing neurofunk, even venturing into jungle and trap music. With a string of well-received free downloads on his SoundCloud to boot, 2021 looks to be his biggest year yet.

Here, he opts for a serene, East Asian-inspired liquid roller. ''Ken Shiro'' opens with delay-soaked vocals and throbbing pads, with stuporous drums, pizzicato strings, plucked synths and resonant subs weaving in and out of the mix during the song's heady crescendos to create one of the rising star's most gripping concoctions to date.

one love from IA'fam!!

1. Bubanshi - Ken Shiro

''Ken Shiro'' OUT NOW on Juno Download and Spotify, hitting the full range of stores a week later on 21 May 2021.

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