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Imk - The Strange Place

Catalog: IAR080
Release date: 2021-22-01

Increasingly proving himself to be one of the French drum and bass scene's bestkept secrets, IA Recordings mainstay ImK is back with his first offering of 2021, the immersive new single ''The Strange Place''.

With a plethora of releases on the Brest-based label to his name already, including a 2019 debut album entitled I'm K and a summer single entitled ''The Order'', ImK has become bestknown for his penchant for weaving dark, sparse ambiances into his productions. This latest venture, however, finds him taking a markedly different approach, opening with sparkling arpeggios and smooth, jungle-leaning breaks to result in one of his most melodic tracks yet. Garnished with ample unpredictable variations including passages wherein the lead synth takes on a deeper, darker quality, the song provides an unparalleled sonic adrenaline rush, showcasing a lesser-known string to the rising star's bow. With an inimitable sound that would slot neatly into dancefloor D&B sets and neurofunk ones alike, ''The Strange Place'' lives up to its name, underscoring the fact that ImK's music simply cannot be pigeonholed.

With his music taking on an ever more emotive quality and one which will translate easily into club settings, it looks as though 2021 is shaping up to be the year that ImK gets his due credit as one of the burgeoning French D&B scene's most exciting new names.

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1. Imk - The Strange Place


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