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Ill Effects - Generation LP

Catalog: IARLP006
Release date: 2020-11-12

Concluding a prolific year which has seen him release the virus-oriented EP The Outbreak, versatile Kent record producer Ill Effects has returned to French drum and bass label IA Recordings with his fourth studio album to date, Generation.

Weighing in at an impressive seventeen tracks, the new LP showcases the Royal Tunbridge Wells native’s confidence in exploring different sonics within the D&B spectrum. Opening with the swaggering half-time number ''Caught Red Handed'', listeners are soon sucked into a trance state with the tense, claustrophobic weapon ''Scatter'', drawing audible influences from techstep’s formative years. This is swiftly followed by the dark, minimal groove of ''A Lost Cause'', and a downtempo exploration of hip-hop in the form of ''Choker'', which is dominated by low-end thumps to make for knocking, boom-bap-leaning results.

Upping the tempo once more with the straightforward belter ''Desperation'', Ill Effects glazes the track with a generous coating of crunchy amp fuzz, accentuating the song’s pounding kicks and snares. Elsewhere on the LP, this concept is fleshed out further with the ensuing snarlers ''Crawl'', ''Shank'' and ''Strange'', the latter of which utilises stop-start rhythms for enticing results. Over the course of the album, fans are treated to numerous surprises from the English talent, including a piano-led collaboration with labelmate Imk entitled ''When the Day Comes'', two choppy UK garage shufflers in the form of the MC-led song ''Assassin'' and the breakbeat-heavy production ''Keep Inside'', and an innovative drum and bass arrangement centred around pitched percussion on the late highlight ''Tricks of the Mind''. Now nine years deep in the game, Ill Effects is still unafraid to try new things, a quality which shines through over the course of the new album – perhaps his most varied body of work to date.

One love from IA fam'!!


1.Ill Effects - Caught red handed
2.Ill Effects - Scatter
3.Ill Effects - A lost cause
4.Ill Effects - Choker
5.Ill Effects - Desperation
6.Ill Effects - Crawl
7.Ill Effects ft. Imk - When the day comes
8.Ill Effects - Assassin
9.Ill Effects - Shank
10.Ill Effects - Eternity
11.Ill Effects - Keep inside
12.Ill Effects - Make believe
13.Ill Effects - Strange
14.Ill Effects - Generation
15.Ill Effects - Time slip
16.Ill Effects - Tricks of the mind
17.Ill Effects - Dead lights


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