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Just Mayhem - One step 4ward/ Sound bite

Catalog: IAR078
Release date: 2020-23-10

A veteran of the Canadian drum and bass scene with over two decades of experience under his belt, Just Mayhem has continued to shine in recent years as one of IA Recordings’ most longstanding signees, releasing almost exclusively via the Brest label since 2015. His next release, “One Step 4ward” / “Sound Bite”, finds him further developing his signature sound, deploying cutting-edge synth work and frenzied drum programming to create two of his heaviest steppers to date.

On the burgeoning “One Step 4ward”, the Calgary-based DJ and producer kicks off proceedings with staggered rhythms and staccato plucks, quickly introducing a multitude of snarling, guttural basslines into the mix. Flitting between four-to-the-floor kick drums and halftime swagger, he even brings a rapped passage into the equation halfway through the track, making for a constantly morphing heater that’s bound to go down a treat in sets.

Picking up where its predecessor left off, “Sound Bite” is every bit as lively, opting for a more traditional groove. Chock full of intricate detail, the innovative production commences with brassy impacts, flurries of bongo and sci-fi samples, soon erupting into a dizzying climax garnished by leftfield clicks, urgent blips and fuzzed lashings of bass. Drawing audible influences from the 2020 techstep scene, the song makes for one of Just Mayhem’s most club-ready concoctions to date, serving as a timely reminder that despite his many stripes in the game, the decorated producer is continuing to draw on new sources of inspiration, driving the sound forward with his every release.

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1.Just Mayhem - One step 4ward
2.Just Mayhem - Sound Bite


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