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Ill Effects - The Outbreak

Catalog: IAR077
Release date: 2020-25-09

We are glad to present to you The Outbreak EP from Ill Effects!!!

''Outbreak'' – the project’s opener and title track – kicks off with distorted hisses before diving into a dizzying arrangement combining groaning basslines with skittering percussion, cinematic strikes, and delay-soaked spoken word samples lifted out of the sci-fi world. The result is a hefty, yet pared-back number which, as its title suggests, creates a palpable sense of unease. Next up, ''The Hunger'' is captivating from its opening moments, with pounding, high-pitched snares and choral vocals hurtling toward a fuzzed climax, accented by booming, persistent basslines.

The ensuing belter ''The Source'' is a choppy roller, pairing frantic drums with off-kilter, innovatively resampled basslines to make for a dark, potent weapon of a track which showcases a new side to Ill Effects’ production capabilities which we have seldom seen on show. Finally, the aptly named ''Quarantine'' is a clambering stepper reminiscent of ‘90s drum and bass, utilising a dingy repeated motif and a strong off-beat rhythmic emphasis. In keeping with his past releases, Ill Effects completes the project with a continuous mix, consisting of all four of the project’s tracks seamlessly blended into one another. In case you weren’t already impressed enough by his production capabilities, the mix serves as a welcome reminder that the Kent beatmaker is an equally qualified DJ, and will no doubt be back in the clubs as soon as the opportunity arises once more. One love from IA fam'

One Love from the IA Family!!

1.Ill Effects The Outbreak
2.Ill Effects The Hunger
3.Ill Effects The Source
4.Ill Effects Quarantine
5.Ill Effects The Outbreak (Continuous DJ Mix)


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