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Ill Effects - 2nd Surface

Catalog: IAR075
Release date: 2020-26-06

Ill Effects's 2nd Surface OUT NOW!!!

From the beginning track '2nd Surface', through to the unforgiving sounds of 'Unshriven', Ill Effects once again reveals the arsenal of weaponry within his midst and the EP is explosive throughout. Kicking off, '2nd Surface' winds through creeping atmospherics, with segments that build one on top of the other until its falls over its first drop. Following in its footsteps, 'Black Anu' is just as thumping, with cranking breaks and a bassline that zips between its wavering hooks. It shows the intensity of Ill Effects production, something which characterises his music and has seen him amass a sizeable audience.

On the EP's second section, 'Soulscot' makes itself known through its tight percussive layers, throbbing pads of bass and stripped back drums, the type which gives it a momentum which pushes itself forward. Its grooves sit underneath the mix which only add to its more dancefloor feel. Then coming up last is 'Unshriven', with shaking LFOs and slamming tech-infused slicing through the mix. Together, these records carefully package what Ill Effects stands for. That's only the most cutting edge sounds.

One Love from the IA Family!!

1.Ill Effects 2nd Surface
2.Ill Effects Black anu
3.Ill Effects Soulscot
4.Ill Effects Unshriven

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