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Oxyd - Planet X/ Planet Y
Wich planet will you choose? OUT NOW!

Catalog: IAR032
Release date: 2016-09-09

French drum & bass producer Oxyd has been stooped over these next two tracks in the studio, biding his time before their release. Having spent years honing his craft, it was time for him to unleash his dark, atmospheric pieces of electronic artwork into the world of music. Since he began searching for his sound tirelessly from the time he first began producing, appropriately named ‘Planet X/Planet Y' signposts his journey. It shows a relative newcomer finding his sound and sets a benchmark for an unfolding career.

Even within its intro, first track ‘Planet Y' drags you helplessly into a throng of cranking bass and low frequency techniques. Its sonic weaponry is faultless from start to finish, dipping between distortion and cranking drums. With a unique ability to command total power from his productions, the artist manages to create a space-like backdrop which is bottomless in the images that it summons. A dark energy is prevalent throughout, one which begins to grow when each musical component is brought in bit by bit. Angry, discordant and unforgiving, Oxyd brings a dynamic that is difficult to tangle yourself away from.
On the reverse, ‘Planet X' follows the same ambiance, punctuated with clicking kick drum and cracking beats, it breaks midway and directs you through a totally different pace. Giving an insight into the artist's dissident mind, it's built with strands of switching tech that keeps you held from its start. Multidimensional and yet again proving he's an artist who's set to take the genre into its future, Oxyd is full of tightly composed control and storytelling. Without being overbearing, he manages to tame a subgenre whilst still enabling its creeping aggressiveness.

1. Planet X
2. Planet Y


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