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Fractal - Different

Catalog: IAR085
Release date: 2021-03-09

''Different'' is Fractal's debut release on IA Recordings. The producer shows a flair for the magnificent on this record, blending palatial sounds together and delivering a majestic take on the drum & bass format. They also aren't afraid to break down the boundaries, experimenting with several sounds to create unconventional music that dares to break the mould.

Kicking off ''Different'' is 'Falling Down'. Characterised by distorted bass lines and meticulous percussion, 'Falling Down' is garnished with breathtaking pads, sweet melodies and perfectly tuned vocal samples, all of which combine to create an awe-inspiring soundscape that feels equally at home on headphones or a set of speakers.

Title track 'Different' closes out the single. Opening with gripping string melodies and booming percussion, the tune takes on a different mood as it unfurls from the speaker, with Fractal blending breakbeats, hair-raising bass lines and several interchanging melodies played on various instruments. The result? An amorphous track with no borders, no limits and no constraints.

One love from IA Fam

1. Falling Down
2. Different

''Different'' hits Beatport and Spotify NOW!!, reaching the full range of stores and streaming services a fortnight later on 03 September 2021.

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